Latin American Urban Research in Dialogue

Conference: 19th-20th of October 2020

Bremen (Germany)

Due to the Covid-19-Pandemic the conference is taking place online

About the Conference

The world is turning urban, and every day, both in everyday life and through the media, we experience the breadth and depth of the changes this transformation brings with it and will continue to do so in future – climate change and migration, the loss of biodiversity or the handling of social pluralisation… In several respects, these and other major issues of our time are essentially also urban issues.

It is with this in mind that the conference Latin American Urban Research in Dialogue invites scholars to exchange views on the potential of Latin American urban research to contribute with its concepts, theories and/or methods to an urban knowledge production that is both sensitive to place and local context while all the same speaking to issues of shared international relevance. In other words, the conference aims to expound on an urban theory that is rooted in “ordinary” Latin American urban experiences while speaking to global concerns (cf. Robinson 2006, Robinson and Roy 2016).


DAY 1 – 19.10.2020
3-3.15 pm– Christian v. Wissel, Clara Röhrig, Tania Guerrero and Álvaro Sanchez 

3.15-4pm – chaired by Christian v. Wissel (SoAB, Bremen)   

Laura Kemmer: Bonding: Infrastructure, affect, and the emergence of urban collectivity.  
Riccarda Cappeller: casa chorizo – narrations of a social and urban character.  
Peter Krieger: Images of decay: Life in hyper-urbanised earthquake zones. 

4.15-5 pm- chaired by Clara Röhrig (Uni Bremen) and Christian v. Wissel (SoAB)  

Angela Giglia: Ways of living, types of spaces and witness places in contemporary metropolises.  
Fernando Gutiérrez: The lockdown of public spaces in Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic: Social, economic and spatial consequences. 
Juliana Hutai, Liza Minely, Gaitán Ortiz and Maira Yesenia: „Stay at home“ – Socio-Spatial Reflections on our ways of living in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. A comparative analysis of Bogotá and Berlin. 

5.15-6.45pm– chaired by Álvaro Sánchez (UCL, London)  

Joel Outtes: Cities and Knowledge in Brazil.  
Simone Vegliò: “Postcolonizing” Planetary Urbanization? A Latin American Genealogy.  
Erick Vaca Benavides: Compact City in the Latin American Context.  
Angus McNelly: Urban Indigeneity and Baroque Modernity: A View from a Bolivian City.  
Monika Streule: Popular urbanisation as an urban strategy. Decentring the vocabulary of urbanisation. 

DAY 2 – 20.10.2020
3-3.15 pm – Christian v. Wissel, Clara Röhrig, Tania Guerrero and Álvaro Sanchez 

3.15-4.15 pm – chaired by Catalina Ortiz (The Bartlett DPU, London) 

Melanie Lombard: Between Pacification and Dialogue: Critical lessons from Colombia’s territorial peace.  
Alissa Diesch: The Production of Metropolitan Space: The Rural Heritage of Bogotá.  
Evelína Cihlarova: Forced displacement and internal migration to Colombian cities from an intersectional perspective.  
Simón Uribe: Suspension. Space and time in a road project in the Andean-Amazon region of Colombia.

4.30-5.15 pm – chaired by Tania Guerrero and Álvaro Sánchez (both UCL, London) 

Hanna Hilbrandt: Everyday perspectives on municipal financialization in Mexico City.  
Alke Jenss: Everyday Scalar Politics:  Navigating the Insecure City in Times of Austerity. 
Pilar Mendoza: Informality and Social Inequality in Colombian Cities – The Case of Bogotá

5.30-6.15 pm – chaired by Camila Saraiva (UFABC/Urban Studies Foundation, São Paulo) 

Carlos Leite: Social Urbanism in Latin America.  
Moritz Ahlert, Max Becker, Cielo María Holguín, Albert Kreisel, Nina Pawlicki and Matthew Crabbe: Urban Coding Strategies for the Informal Neighbourhoods of Moravia, Medellín.  
Isabelle Mollinger, Anne Kennes and Christien Klaufus: Belonging and resilience-building through a commoning lens: ‘Being-in-common’ in Colombia’s inner-urban districts.   

6.15-6.45 pm – Wrap-up with all session chairs  

Book of Abtracts

Get more information about all the participants and their individual contributions in our book of abstracts.

About the Organisers

Our transdisciplinary team conists of :

  • Tania Guerrero Rios, PhD cand., Geography, UCL London
  • Dr. Álvaro Sanchez Jimenez, Panama / Geography, UCL London.
  • Christian von Wissel, Urban Theory, Hochschule Bremen (HSB)
  • Clara Sofie Röhrig, MA cand., Ethnology and Cultural Studies, University Bremen

Call for Papers


Our Call for Papers is still open until April 15th, 2020. We are looking for renown and early career scholars as well as postgraduate students.

Confirmed Speakers

We are looking forward to welcoming international speakers such as:

Dr. Angela Giglia (Anthropology, UAM-Iztapalapa. Mexico), Dr. Peter Krieger (Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, UNAM Mexico), Dr. Laura Kemmer (Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin), Dr. Melanie Lombard (Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield), Dr. Hanna Hilbrandt (International Planning Studies, TU Dortmund), Dr. Álvaro Sanchez Jimenez (Panama / Geography, UCL London), Tania Guerrero Rios (Geography, UCL London), Dr. Monika Streule (Urban Sociology, ETH Zürich), Dr. Kathrin Wildner (Urban Anthropology, HCU Hamburg)


Prof. Dr. Christian von Wissel (Conference Organizer)

Clara Sofie Röhrig (Conference coordination)

Copyright Latin American Urban Research in Dialogue. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

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