About the Organisers

Tania Guerrero Rios, PhD cand., Geography, UCL London.

Tania is a PhD candidate at UCL and member of the steering committee of the student-led “Stadtkolloquium”. She studied Architecture in Mexico City before completing an MSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences from TU Delft. Her research focuses on urban growth policies and their impact on affordable housing location in Mexico City.

Dr. Álvaro Sanchez Jimenez, Panama / Geography, UCL London.

Álvaro is based in Panama and holds a PhD from the Geography department at UCL, London. His research is on Local Government Transformations and Policymaking Processes while following a comparative approach to urban studies. He is particularly interested in urban knowledge production from the region, here Latina America.

Christian von Wissel, Urban Theory, Hochschule Bremen (HSB)

Christian is professor of urban theory at the School of Architecture Bremen. Before, he was research and teaching assistant at the institutes for urban and architectural history and theory at TU München and TU Braunschweig, as well as at the Centre for Urban and Community research (CUCR) at Goldsmith College, University of London, from which he also holds his PhD in Visual/Urban Sociology. He is co-founder of the urban research collective Citámbulos in Mexico City.

Clara Sofie Röhrig, MA cand., Social and Cultural Anthropology, University Bremen

After successfully graduating from her bachelor’s degree in German Philology and comparative literature and culture studies at the University of Bonn and the University of Salamanca, Clara is now studying the MA “Transcultural Studies” at the University of Bremen. Her thematic focus is on postcolonial theory, as well as gender and feminist studies.

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